US-Canadian Land Border Closure Will Be Extended For Another 30 Days


Update, 6/9: Reuters reports that the US-Canada land border closure will be extended for another 30 days, through at least July 21st. 

Immediate family is allowed to cross the border.

In general, restrictions for flying between the countries is more relaxed than crossing land borders. Post your experience in the comments!

Originally posted on 5/19:

The US-Canadian border will remain closed for non-essential travel by mutual agreement through at least June 21st.

This is the 2nd extension of the border closure since it was originally closed in March.

Meanwhile, CTV reports that Canadians have had success flying to the US from Toronto and Vancouver. Go figure.

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Does anyone know if you can transit through Canada to Israel from the US atm?

Does anyone know if this is one-sided or both ways?
Looking to enter the US from Israel (CDN citizen) in the coming month.

i am US citizen. my kids are dual. does this apply to me, and will we have to quarantine on either side? thank you

Everyone has to quarantine upon entering Canada for 14 days.

The are many exceptions. Truckers, healthcare workers and flight crew (and others) do not need to quarantine.

Is there a detailed list somewhere? The list online seems very vague.

As a parent of Canadian citizens, you should now be allowed to enter with your kids under the new rule just passed on Monday. And yes, everyone- including Canadian citizens- needs to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival (unless you are a trucker, essential health care worker, etc). It is not considered breaking quarantine to leave Canada within the 14 days. But see the new rule for family members that applies to you, which says you must be staying 15 days or more. Unclear if they can do anything if you change your mind have to leave early.

Once in Canada, you cannot break the quarintine to go back to the States. This is what the Officer at the border told us.
We are a family with dual citizenship. We went into the States no problem, and returned to Canada no problem. ( Ya, 14 day quarintine sucks but was worth it)

Take a look at this link- it’s the quarantine rules:

Scroll down to Section 8, and you’ll find the following:

Exception — leaving Canada

8 A person who must quarantine themselves under section 3 or remain in quarantine at a quarantine facility under section 4 may leave Canada before the expiry of the 14-day quarantine period provided they continue to quarantine themselves until they depart from Canada and provided they depart in a manner consistent with the travel requirements set out in section 2.2.

Does anyone know what is deemed “essential work” on the Canada side? If I want to cross from Canada to USA for one day (work purposes) and then return, will I have to quarantine when I get back?

Has there been any info on when US consulates and embassies are opening back up?

Right now Mexicans can’t get a Visa so there’s not a whole lot of point to air travel

reuters link not working

I’ve passed with some stuff in my car.. cleared it customs and passed commercial… no need to quarantine…
( I have dual citizenship)

So i am a dual citizen and i live in USA , can i go for the day to visit my parents without having to deal with a quarantine officer?

Doesn’t seem this is because of dual citizenship. The ban is only on non essential travel, whereas trade is not effected. Most probably it’s because you were bringing goods across the border. (This would also explain why you didn’t need to quarantine, which is an exemption for trade workers and other essential travelers)

Citizenship only gets you in- but all travelers need to quarantine, even Canadian citizens.

From my experience, since I’m a dual citizen I had no issue crossing the border either way, except a few additional questions. However, my mother who is a US citizen and Canadian permanent resident and she tried flying back to Montreal with AA, and they did not let her on because they claimed she need a special form. She did not. She tried telling them that only other nationalities and not US nationals. Did not help… She had to end up going by car…

When going into Canada did she have to quarantine?

For what it’s worth. I have a friend that entered Canada by taking 3 cases of orange juice and went thru the commercial entry at the border and as the ban and quarantine is only for personal travel he was able to avoid the quarantine and was allegedly to enter with out issue

Did he have to pay tax?

They are only allowing Canadian Citizens entry at the NY Border Crossings (aside from essential business travel as outlined on the Canadian Border website). I have successfully gotten in to visit my wife (long story) based on the fact that I am due dual citizenship, as my mom was born in Canada, and have had to furnish original documentation proving such. They made it VERY difficult to do so though, and a 14-day mandatory quarantine is in effect once you get in. This is how a country should run, if they want to curb the spread of this nasty virus, however inconvenient it might be. I’m the only car on the Lewiston Kingston Bridge the last 2 visits.

In contrast, the last time I re-entered back into NY, the guy asked me where I’d been, why and then wished me a wonderful day. :P

Haha, I like the ending

The Lewiston–Queenston Bridge

Thanks for the DP. Do you know if you can leave quarantine to drive directly back to the US? For example, go into Canada, drive directly to quarantine location, then 7 days later drive directly back to the US without stopping in any public place.

I have the same question – I’m dual citizenship, can I go to Montreal for shavues and com right back to NY??
Does the fact that I have antiboddys help anything??

So can a non Canadian citizen fly to Toronto and then drive to Montreal?

As long as you’re flying within Canada.

Very strange. Why should air travel be less strict?! If anything air travel is MORE problematic because you’re exposed to a lot of strangers between the airport and the flight, as opposed to driving where you’re in a private car by yourself. Very bizarre…

That’s the only question you have about the shutdown over the last 3 months? Guess you don’t live on NJ.

The USA is the sick man of the Americas. Really this is a Canadian ban, but the Canadians are nice enough to say it’s by mutual consent.

Canada is also struggling with COVID.

Any restrictions on Canadian citizens trying to enter Canada?

Reread your post.

If you read the rules carefully, they only apply to the land borders. But flying to the US is OK


Thanks! In for 2

Dan, do you have any idea when Israel will start allowing tourists in without mandatory quarantine?

Do they let in non Israeli citizens even with quarantine??

Any date on that?

Yes they do but you have to get approved through a application i have a few friends that have done it

They do for people coming for siblings /child / grandchild wedding with prior approval from consulate and you must show you have place to quarentine for 14 days upon arrival. Also people on student visas who are married with kids. Also need prior approval from consulate.

What a silly question.

I know quite a number of people who travelled from Canada to the US recently. They all said it was a regular border crossing, no extra questions. Going into Canada was apparently more strict, and they have been pulling people over and asking them why they are coming or denying them entry. In the end of the day, it all depends on who the border officer is, and how much they enjoyed their coffee that morning.