Is NY About To Ban Sleep Away Camps This Summer Due To COVID-19?


This is still a rumor for now, but I’ve heard from a couple of sources that NY Governor Cuomo will announce that he will not allow sleep away camps to open this summer in New York.

A final decision is expected this week.

NY is allowing day camps to operate, but under a very strict set of rules.

Some NY sleep away camps have already announced plans to move to Florida or Pennsylvania for the year.

Will you send your kids to an out of state program this summer or what will you do with kids that were planning to go to a NY sleep away camp?

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Camps decided too just open without his authority.
Time to just bycot this horrible moron

If you call the camp a riot they wont stop you from having it.

actually a really relevant topic for most of us
thank you for posting

I heard it’s a very elaborate color war breakout.


Any idea if Romimu is one of the camps with a backup plan?

It’s really pretty pashut – it’s all about liability. If I’d be an owner of an overnight camp in the Catskills, I would have already made the decision 2 months ago: No chance I’m opening. If just one camper gets sick or dies from COVID, chas v’shalom, you will (1) have to close camp immediately and send all campers home (2) Be the subject of international news negative reporting, reaching all networks, websites, and every social media platform for weeks (3) be subjected to the most intense and intrusive investigation from several government agencies, who will scrutinize every aspect of your camp: health, food, finance, staff, etc. (4) I would feel horribly guilty and pained for the rest of my life, even though it wasn’t directly my fault.

so let the camps decide not the governor.

They will only allow sleep away camps that allow campers to burn down the bunkhouses

I’d be curious to hear from a camp director here but it seems that the logistics in opening are very challenging. The camps would have to have dedicated bunks for potential covid cases – how many camps have that extra space? And if they reduced enrollment, how would that work? Parents of rejected kids would go ballistic. The costs of testing would be astronomical – cost of each test would be minimum $70 – multiply that by number of staff/campers, you’re talking 5 figures for just one round of testing. And even if parents shared that cost it would still be an other economic cost. Plus, how many parents would indemnify the camp and health officials if they get sick? The insurance for potential coverage is probably another huge cost. Personally I want my kids to go and told their camps but I can understand the concern.

So let the camps decide if they can open. Let parents decide if they want to send. It shouldn’t be up to the King, I mean governor.

Any idea when this will officially be announced? It’s almost at the end of this week.

I think camps should permanently move to Pennsylvania. More spacious and less red tape than NY. Bungalow colonies too. Forget NY! And yes, I’m from Brooklyn

Pa camps are not opening. Moshsva morasha nesher. All closed

NY had become very similar to Venezuela, with a socialist dictator in charge of the state.

Which camps announced plan to move? How were they able to pull it off so last minute? Finding a place and planning all the logistics?

Sleepaway camps are actually far safer than day camps. Kids go away for the summer, contract COVID, come home immune, and effectively act as shields for their parents and others more susceptible. That’s how herd immunity is best achieved with a lower death rate. They shouldn’t have closed all the colleges either. Cuomo made a terrible decision on nursing homes. Why would anyone trust him on the camp decision?

Dan, let’s stick to real news. It’s bringing down the quality of material on the site. Even if this rumor proves to be true, this is nothing more than an unverified rumor at this point.

100% true. Adding more detail about the sources, such as “someone who works for the governor’s office who requested to remain anonymous” might add veracity to your statement.
If you look on Facebook, someone posted in the group that “sources” say the same thing, and she meant her cousin in Monsey. That certainly does not hold enough weight for a news article. While you may have heard from someone reliable, writing “sources” leave me sceptical.
Then again, that’s just my opinion.

What I’m trying to say is where do these sources get their information from? Who do they work for? Is there anything more you can add?

Obviously. Can you add if they work for a camp? Do they work for the government? Are they a self-appointed askan?

Not entirely sure why Dan has to defend himself, or for that matter even has entertained you hitherto. To the many people who frequent this site, we know that Dan has a very high level of accuracy, and appreciate what he shares with us, even when not definitive.
As they say ‘take it, or leave it’

I for one, am taking it. You want to leave it, go ahead and do so. But don’t tell us that we also have to leave it.

Dan, thanks for treating us as family, and sharing with us even when it can’t be fully ‘defended/explained’

The Governor has very little to gain politically by allowing the camps to open as many camps have already cancelled and the Frum camps that would like to open can go jump in the lake.

He also has nothing to lose politically by opening camps. He’s just power hungry and things he knows better than parents.

The logic is that he wouldn’t send his kids so he’s not letting us send ours.

I wonder what other parenting tips he’s going to force us to follow

The only solution is for everyone to open!
(Maybe holding up signs “BLM” will keep the Authorities away)

Easy for him to say, his kids are in their 20s!

From a friend:

I just heard from someone who was on the call. The State Health Commissioner of NY refused to budge about opening sleepaway camps. Not about Kawasaki or the inflammatory disease—he’s afraid of a second wave and that he’ll be responsible for it.

a 2nd wave? They’d be safer in camp than at home! lol Also no 2nd wave at least until the fall. When China, South Korea reopened they had small spikes (like Israel is having now) but no 2nd wave. When Georgia / Texas reopened 6 weeks ago the media said the Governors would be killing people and yet those states have a similar curve than NY / NJ.

Why not? It’s more safe than daycamps

What happened to the regional council?? I don’t get it?! Connecticut NJ NY were all supposed to decide everything together!!!

This is exactly the reason why we think that NY will ban camps, because NJ and Connecticut already banned them

NJ banned sleep away camps (not that I know of any in NJ)?

That was just BS. They didn’t follow each other at all! You can get a haircut and eat at an (outdoor restaurant) on Long Island today but not in NJ

Yeah! I’ve been hearing the same but Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein is fighting tooth and nail to get them opened. He just tweeted this recently:

He tried hard but King Cuomo said no.

If he cancels I’m sending my kids to camp Cuomo at the governor’s mansion.

No logic behind such a decision. It’s all political!! You can send kids home everyday but can’t have all kids stay put for 2 months?! No logic! Tax dollars at work :(

What if we rebrand them as justice for George Floyd camps?


Question I’ve been wondering about:

If it’s d’oraisa to follow d’rabanan, doesn’t that make d’rabanan d’oraisa?

Is this a real q?

What options are there for fun, religious sleep away camps for 12-15 year olds? Are camps in Maryland, Virginia, Ohio (driving distance) available?

I don’t get the logic. Sleep away seems safer

Field trips would be very hard as most things are closed (baseball games, theme parks, etc). Staff for camps would not be able to leave the camp, and would have to be kept on campus 24/7. This means they would need to pay staff more, or make an area for staff to be social outside of the kids, as the best times for the staff at most sleepaways are the days they get to be out on the town. Not to mention the liability the camps would have IF a case spreads is tremendous. Just look at states like Texas and AZ, where the number of cases and/or hospitalizations are rising at alarming rates. Lets not forget, of course, many of the Sr members of camp staff are of the age where THEY are high risk.

Time to just do what we gotta do. Some people are power hungry and are using the opportunity to show it. No reason for sleep away camps to not open.

Kawasaki Disease or Covid-19?

There haven’t been any new cases in the media for weeks. It comes a month after covid and NY is way down on covid case which is why there haven’t been new cases. Doctors say it’s not contagious and it’s very treatable if treated on time (the 3 deaths in NY are from before doctors knew about it and didn’t send the kids to the hospital in time because they didn’t know it was serious). Sounds like Cuomo is promoting reckless fear and not “following the data”

Why are day camps allowed but not sleep away?
The kids will be in quarantine in camp, what’s wrong with that? Better than a day camp

Too much logic for the overlords….

Day camps are viewed as daycare and daycare is needed to bring the economy back up and running. Sleep away camps are viewed as luxury as they are for older kids…

Camp can never be on 100% lockdown

Why dont we all move to PA?

Sleep away camps in pa aren’t opening

Has there been any source that’s been remotely reliable? “My cousin in Monsey” doesn’t count

No need for a reliable source the way he’s been handling this whole epidemic we are expecting him to say a firm no on sleep away camps #commonsense

And, there you have it folks! There’s no source! It’s just “common sense”

There hasn’t been much common sense from Cuomo during this pandemic. Although he’s done much better than Murphy in NJ!

He’s been hinting at it for over a month!

Staying home

I heard this rumor as well. Time will tell…

Dan – what camps are moving to Florida? What are your sources for Cuomo?