Now Valid For June: Using The AMEX Consumer Platinum Card’s Streaming Credit For Amazon Gift Cards


Update: I just tried this again for June and despite reports from comments below, it still works just fine. Keep in mind that:

  • The gifting account should not have any gift card balance, as that will be used before the credit card. If your household account does have a gift card balance you can transfer that balance to your primary account via the same eBook gift method or Kindle Unlimited method below or you can use another Amazon account.
  • The gifting account should not have any no-rush credits, as those will be lost in the transfer.
  • You can only gift 1 eBook at a time with this method.

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AMEX is offering new and increased statement credits and bonus points on wireless service, Dell, AMEX Travel, streaming services, shipping, supermarkets, and dining/restaurant delivery due to COVID-19.

One perk on the AMEX Consumer Platinum Card is a $20 monthly credit for streaming services through 12/31/20.

AMEX has a full list of valid streaming services:

First I tested what I figured would be a sure thing, I bought a 6 month Kindle Unlimited Gift Membership for $47.86+tax. I bought it from from my household Amazon account as a gift for my primary Amazon account.

I clicked to open the gift email on my primary Amazon account and instead of clicking to redeem the gift, I clicked on “Click here to redeem your membership as a gift card:”

The gift card balance on my primary account immediately went up by the price paid, including tax.

The charge posted to my AMEX Platinum card and as expected, $20 was refunded.

I decided to see what would happen if I bought an Amazon Kindle eBook as a gift.

Using my wife’s AMEX Platinum card, I bought The Monuments Men Kindle eBook from my household Amazon account as a gift for my primary Amazon account.

I paid for it using a $1 no-rush credit and $2.15 on the credit card.

I clicked to open the gift email “Get your Kindle book gift now” and login with my primary Amazon account:

Instead of clicking to redeem the gift, I clicked on “Learn how this works or exchange for a gift credit:”



Then I clicked on “Click to request a gift credit from customer service now”

After that it said that the request was processing:


With this option it took a few hours for the the gift card balance on my primary account to go up as it is manually added by a customer service agent. Additionally the no-rush credit was lost in the process, so you’ll want to use an account without credit to buy a gift eBook.

This is also a good way to transfer gift cards between Amazon accounts. If you have a gift card balance, you’ll have to use that or transfer it to another account before you can use a credit card for a Kindle eBook gift.

The $2.15 charge posted to my wife’s AMEX Platinum card and it was refunded as part of the streaming credit.

In other words if you buy $20 of Kindle eBooks as gifts you can convert that to $20 in Amazon gift cards every month until the end of the year, and get refunded for the purchases.

Note that you must purchase one eBook at a time in order to exchange it for a gift card.

For example this eBook is $19.99 and will be $0 after the streaming credit, but will be converted into a $19.99 gift card. If there’s tax in your state on eBooks then the gift card will include the price paid for tax, or you can buy a less expensive book if you don’t want to go over $20.

Where have you been using your credits?

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The question is won’t Amex get upset for this ?

I’m trying to redeem no-rush credits for Amazon credit using this method… I gifted 1 Kindle book to my husband’s account, and there’s just no “learn how this works or exchange for gift credit” option under the “accept gift”… What’d I do wrong? 1 book at a time, gifted to another account, starting redemtion on a computer (not mobile)…

Got it – I misunderstood – thought it meant that they’d be used *first, and that it would mean no CC charge… therefore no $20 statement credit.

So the incoming amazon account only got a $2.15 credit not $3.15?

In the cases that I wasn’t able to redeem for gift credit because I bought two items at a time I did see an option to return the order. I went to “Your orders” then “Digital orders” and I saw a button that said “return unredeemed gifts” I clicked on that and got a refund. I only saw it by the gifts that wasn’t redeemable for gift credit.

Will these accounts get flagged and closed?

By the way my Google fi Bill was not credited as mobile phone but as streaming credit. Anyone else have had happen?

Im new to this. I have TWO amazon accounts. How do I buy ebooks as a gift it just says buy with one click

Anyone know if you can BUY audible gift card for $20 and get the $20 credit?

it needs to be given as a gift to work

i just plan on calling up every month and asking them to add it as a statement credit, it already worked the month of may they gave me 40 20 for streaming and 20 for wireless as. dont have any subsciriptions billed to my card

Anyone else try this?

How did you manage to persuade them? This seems too good to be true.

I just did it and the email I got has a tab for “Get your Kindle book gift now”. There is a gift order # at the bottom of the email that I entered in as a GC code, but doesn’t work. No option to redeem as gift card.

Amazon appears to have removed this option. Only option now is to accept the gift or “add to your existing subscription.” No option for gift card.

Dan just out of curiosity why do you and your wife both have platinum cards?

A schlemiel, a schlimazel, and a nudnick sit down for a bowl of soup. The schlimazel asks the schlemiel to get him a bowl of soup. The schlemiel assures him that nothing will go wrong as it may have in the past. The schlimazel lets him go. But right about when he is going to give the schlimazel the soup, he trips up and spills the soup on the schlimazel’s lap. As the schlimazel screams out, the nudnick asks him what kind of soup was spilled on his lap.

Actually, I just sent it to myself as a gift.
I then clicked on the gift email amazon sent me, and then requested a gift card instead.
Did I do something wrong? You mentioned that I must send it to a second account. Why would that be?

why do you need 2 amazon accounts ? you can only redeem the ebook as a gift card if you recieve it as a gift ?

I followed your instructions and bought an eBook. But when I opened the email I got ‘Accept this eBook” with no option to redeem for gift credit. Please advice.

I got the same email but afraid to click on it as I want to get a GC.

The gift won’t be redeemed until you click “accept gift” at the amazon website not on the email.

I had the same thing happen to me. I contacted amazon and cancelled my order.

Right. Do NOT do this. Dan, please edit your post. It doesn’t work right. I spent an hour with Amazon customer service, who eventually seem to have fixed my problem.

I tried this too – sent as gift from one account to my own. The gift email has a button that says “Get your Kindle book gift now” and a link at the bottom for “Visit Kindle Support for information about Kindle book gifts.” The latter goes to an Amazon “We’re Sorry” (404) page that says they can’t find the page.

I also had issues a few times. I realized that when I bought several eBooks at one purchase I didn’t have the option to redeem for gift credit but when I bought a single item at a time I had the option to redeem for gift credit even on my own account.

As a follow-up, thanks to your other comment that this gift isn’t automatically redeemed and you have to click through and then decide, when I did that I saw the option to request an exchange for an gift card credit instead – which I did.

Any reason this wouldn’t work for the Amex Platinum business card as well?

A fantastic post, as always, thanks Dan!
Any suggestions about the wireless credit? My Teltik payment unfortunately didn’t trigger an AmEx credit.

Thank you very much Dan,
I was braking my head how I could utilize the $20 streaming credit.
You’re the best!!
I hope it will still post for May, so I could get another $20 for June

I’m not a big Amazon user. Does this mean I need to open a second Amazon account?

Is it even possible to share Amazon accounts nowadays?

If i have no rush credits, can i use this method yo convert them to gc?

Any creative uses for the shipping credit besides buying stamps?

Please lemme know when you find out.

USPS sells many other items besides shipping.

Is it too late to do this on May 31 being that the charge will probably only be pending today and post later this week ?

Because if it posts in May, I’ll get it again for June …

Unless you mean what the difference as in if it’s too late I have no choice ?

It actually posted today and it used the credit from May