Ricola Natural Honey Herb 24 Drops For $1.99 From Amazon

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Update: Alive again!

Update: DEAD!

Ricola Natural Honey Herb 24 Drops For $1.99 From Amazon

This was selling for $6.53 before the price started to drop and is now the lowest price ever from Amazon.

-Recommended as kosher parve on the CRC kosher list.

HT: Yehudaa, via DDF

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Dead again


You can pay for this with your HSA or FSA

what does recommended as kosher mean? Is there an actual kosher symbol on it?

Because I don’t see in the Amazon pictures any kosher symbol ….

It’s from Europe, where they don’t put kosher symbols on products.

Here is the hechsher:

The CRC calls out certain flavors that they also confirm that they have researched as being kosher.

Wow, your research is impeccable!
Is that true of all products in Europe that they do not contain any kosher symbols at all?
wow, that must be really difficult for the residents there…

The US/Canada/Israel is an exception for printing hechshers on products.

In other countries there are apps or websites needed to check which products are kosher.

Australia as well. There’s a kosher list and an app.

Your statement maybe true. However this is packaged for export to the US. There’s no reason they couldn’t or shouldn’t put a hechsher on it.

It happens to be that the kosher supermarkets in the NY area sell many flavors of ricola,not just the 4 that CRC lists, and they all have a hechser sticker on the package.

It may or may not be that these runs have additional supervision or adhere to other chumras. I don’t know…

Got the max. 4 pcs

They are great and kosher too. I wrote to them years ago and they sent back a kosher certifcate by an orthodox organization. Not sure why they don’t have a symbol on the package.